Friday, April 28, 2017

NFL Draft

I had a track meet this Monday. It was a windy, brisk day. The meet lasted over five hours but we sadly had to leave early. I ran the 400 meter and the medley. I got second in my heat in the 400 and was in the top 5 overall. I ran in the medley but got last. I was supposed to run the 4x4 but we left early. I was disappointed because the 4x4 is my favorite event and we had a really good group for it. It was cold so it was aright we left early.

Yesterday was the first round of the heralded NFL draft. It was a thriller with lots of trades and surprise picks. It wasn't a snooze fest like previous ones. The first pick was Myles Garret as expected but then my favorite team the 49ers traded down a spot with the Bears. The Bears then nabbed their quarterback of the future in Mitch Trubisky. The 49ers then selected a defensive end Solomon Thomas. Then armed with picks from the Bears trade the 49ers traded up and selected hard hitting linebacker Rueben Foster.

The draft made me really excited for this upcoming year for the 49ers. We had a really good first round grabbing two excellent players. I was especially excited when we managed to get Rueben Foster one of the most talented players in the draft with the second to last pick of the first round. Hopefully they can continue to build the roster with solid draft picks. I'm optimistic with the 49ers' this year and prectict they go 6-10 but can easily be better if their young talent progresses.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Social Issue

My social issue I'm writing about is Global Warming. One of my main topics is how it effects us currently and long term. I will also be wring about how this occurs and fossil fuels effect on global warming. I will include what we can do to solve this issue. I'll be looking to write five paragraphs with a strong introduction and conclusion.

I've found some solid facts on my three body paragraph topics. According to global warming modifies rain fall patterns, causes coastal erosion, melts ice caps, and is the culprit for rising sea levels. It said carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that collected in the atmosphere trapped heat which causes global warming. According to we can help by cutting down on our use of fossil fuels and using alternative energy sources. These are some stellar facts to back up my claims.

After doing some research my view has changed on global warming. I used to think it was fake or not serious but now I know this is a word wide crisis and is very real. This has helped me be more aware of my impact on the well being of our planet and what I can do to help. I still need some more elements in my research to make it ready. I need some more facts to back up my claims. I will incorporate elaboration on my facts and some research or statistics to show the real impact..

Friday, March 3, 2017

JaMarcus Russel

     I've been interested in learning about the player that many people say was the biggest bust in NFL history. I know some about JaMarcus Russel but would like to know more. I know he was a massive quarterback and was a enormous bust for the Raiders. I want to seek more knowledge on his college career, his NFL statistics and how he got to be such a high draft pick. JaMarcus went to LSU but his overall career there, stats, and success is something I'm looking to learn. I'd like to know if was actually as horrendous as they claim he is.

     After my research my knowledge of JaMarcus Russel's has increased immensely. Russel only won seven of his twenty five starts in his NFL career. His draft stock shot up after throwing for 350 yards in the Sugar Bowl, one of most competitive bowl games. He threw just eighteen touchdowns in his three years, and threw twenty three picks and had twenty two fumbles in the NFL. Not exceptional stats to say the least. He had an above average junior year, his last year, with twenty eight touch down and just eight picks at LSU. He used a great bowl game and unbelievable athleticism and size to lure in scouts. It was said he could throw a football sixty five yards from his knees, something most quarterbacks could barely do standing up. To me it seems the Raiders feel in love with his intriguing arm and size and forgot to evaluate him completely. Overall I'm satisfied with my research and have gained more information on the NFL.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Past week

     Yesterday we had two basketball games and next week we will play our last two. We played the Cavaliers and the Lions. We beat the Cavs by two in a close fun game where we had a comeback. It was a great team win, where no one person dominated but the whole team played good as a whole. We played a strong defensive game and had great rebounding. Our shooting was off but we relied on our work in the posts. I didn't score but grabbed some rebounds and played solid defense.

    In our second game we won by three in another close exciting game. We had another comeback, but this time we were down at halftime and dominated the second half. The Lions weren't the best shots but could drive to the basket. We were down by just six but in a low scoring game that was a ton. After playing a terrible first half, I scored nine points in the second half and helped rally the team. We had another excellent defensive performance along with a strong rebounding performance.

     Next week we play the Trojans and Redmen. We have played both teams this year and won. We had a large victory against the Trojans earlier in the year, but this time we will play them at home. We defeated the Redmen in a close game, but we will also play them at their home court this time. We will have to play better than last time if we are going to sweep the Redmen. It would be a awesome to beat them since they are our rivals and we already swept them in football. After that we will be done with school ball which I'll miss but I'm already excited for traveling team. Hopefully we will be able to get the wins next week

Friday, January 27, 2017


     I'm interested in Lacrosse but I would like to know more about it. I know there is a little ball which you want to throw in the goal with your racket stick thing. They wear helmets and tackle each other and there is goalie to stop you from scoring. It is similar to hockey but you play it in the air and not floor. I would like to know more about the history of the game and the rules. I don't know the positions either and might be interested in playing it.

     I learned that lacrosse was created by the Native American Indians and was originally called stickball. I learned there is a two point shot where you feet have to behind the two point line similar to basketball's three point shot. There is a shot clock, all quarters start with a face off, and if your shot is still going after the buzzer it still counts if it was released before the buzzer. This was interesting because those rules again are like basketball. They have ten players on each team and there are three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and a goalie. This is the same positions and amount of players as soccer so it has something in common with soccer. The stick they use is referred to as a cross or simply a stick. I got my information from I learned this game is more complex than I originally thought and I like it more than before. I'd be interested in playing it now.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


     On Christmas I ran downstairs and ripped open my gifts under the tree. This year I got clothes and junk food. I got a Andrew Wiggins Timberwolves shirt, a red sweatshirt, and a Under Armour sweatshirt for clothes. For junk food I got three chocolate bars and a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups. It was fairly good Christmas for presents.

     For the rest of Christmas my family and I watched a bunch of old Christmas specials and then I went outside to play basketball. When I came back inside I went to play PS3 when all of the sudden all the lights went out and the TV shut down. The power had gone out. At first I thought it was she going to be out for a few hours but the sleet storm kept it out for a week. During the evening the house was lit up by candles and we played board games. At night we all slept by our fireplace. It was definitely a Christmas I will never forget!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

     On Saturday we had our first traveling team game. We won our last game and lost our first two. We played the arrows which were by far the best team we have ever played. They were very good. I don't remember the score but we lost by almost 50. It was our first game of the season and no one played very good.
     Our second game we played the bulldogs. We lost by about five but should have won. We had a ten point lead but let them come back. They were the worst team we played but they were still good.
     Our last game we played the Governors and beat them by four. They were good but we all played a great game. I was impressed and happy that we finally won.